Unpredictable and volatile, Afrit can be solid one moment and vaporous the next.

Afrit are the recombined elementals of Smoke, born from Fire and Air. Close relatives of the Djinn, they are more inclined to be malicious and manipulative, traits which they seem to gain from the fire in them. Trickster spirits living in the desert, they are inclined to manipulating voyagers into thinking they can grant any wish, using vapors and mirages to manipulate the perception of their victims.

They are often seen at least partially vaporous, swirling with smoky tendrils, their eyes glowing like cinders, but they can solidify into pale-skinned giants with intimidating speed. Often Afrits forge the smoke of their own bodies into weapons or obstacles to entrap a victim, and they do so with cunning.

Tricking an Afrit is often surprisingly easy, however, because appealing to their sense of pride is a fool-proof method. Betting an Afrit that he or she "can't fit into the bottle" and then corking it once they've proven they can has led to many an Afrit spending years in confinement. For the particularly sordid, a trapped Afrit can even be used as a source of power for a weapon, which would then become sentient through its presence.