The abyss by alexiuss-d5im6xf

Rifts and tears open frequently to the Abyss, letting Others slip through

The Abyss or the "'hungering dark" is the opposite reflection of the Nexus, an Anti-Nexus.  Where the Nexus represents the spark of creation, the very essence of magic, the Abyss is the darkness of entropy, the consequence that will naturally follow existence; pure and unadulterated destruction.

Some sorcerers have theorized that the Abyss itself is a living thing, and that the Others are sentient parts of it, but Others have been seen to demonstrate free will and individuality, betraying the Abyss and working with the sorcerers against their own kind.

A few theories state that the Abyss and Lilith are in fact one and the same. Some still claim that the Other Queen is simply a more powerful creation of the abyss or an avatar of the darkness beyond the earth, though few can answer these questions.

The Abyss tales the form of an infinite sea of fallen worlds that have already succumbed to the darkness of the Others. In countless plains and spheres, it includes areas of voids and other places of remaining ruin. In some cases, the entropic degradation takes its own unusual form that can even resemble a civilisation itself; The Labyrinth for example is a strata of the Abyss, as is the Bastion of Rust.